Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Gone Away From Me

I'm surprised that I can even muster up the strength to post. It's such a sad day. The poor Buckeyes lost. Oh, how boys? How?

As promised, my details about Beaner's sweater.

Simple seamless yoke from KwoT made from Wool of the Andes. It's a 4T and I used 3 balls of the main color (maybe). I also used some leftover WOTA for the yoke. Here's what I've learned this go around:

  • Fair Isle gets easier with practice. I like the picking of the yarn with my left hand, but not enough to convert to Continental.
  • Planning a fair isle motif takes a lot of planning. Still not sure about how to incorporate a design while having to do decreases. I'm sure an adult sweater would be easier with a motif since you'd have a lot more room to create. This motif was mapped out as I was knitting the sweater. Won't do that again
  • Must remember to do the short-row neck shaping in stockinette and then start the ribbing for the collar. To me it looks nicer.
  • Love the Knitpick Options! I was able to knit both sleeves at the same time with Magic Loop. Doesn't work that well with the Denise needles. I love Magic Looping it and these needles will allow me to do that with any project.
  • I never get bored with small sweaters or the seamless action.

I've included care instructions with the sweater, since my mother gave me a horrified look when I said "wool". On the opposite side, I placed a photocopy from the book that was the inspiration for the colors. I'm hoping that Other Sister will find the book at her library.

I was going to bitch about some shit, but I want to be more positive this year. If I can make it through the month (who are we kidding, the week) , I'll call myself a success.


p.s. Did you put the Trouble album in our sidebar? I forget, but I love that album. The title of the post is the last song I heard from this album (In honor of the Buckeyes' defeat). Shelter is on one of Gus' lullaby cds. I cry ever time it plays.