Monday, January 08, 2007

Hang on Sloopy

Here is an actual question from SK on Friday night:

"I was looking in one of my design magazines, & I saw some cool knit creatures. Do you think you could teach me to knit?"

If he wanted to get laid, it worked. Can you imagine real knit porn? Man walks in and says, "Did someone order some US 19 DPNs?" <insert Porn music> I'd tune in.

The next night, we put Gus to bed and I grabbed some Paton's Classic Merino and my Denise's 8's. I cast on 20 stitches and showed him one stitch. That was it, he wanted to get his hands on it. I swear it looked like he'd been doing it for years. He did 3 rows and then tossed it aside saying, "My thumbs keeping wanting to do something." <insert more Porn music> But he was full of compliments and respect for knitters. Since I get a lot of crap for knitting "all the time", I felt vindicated. He did very well for those 3 rows. He knit super tight, but he knit. The shock doesn't end here! Oh no, sister.

The next morning, I was making waffles. He walked out of the kitchen and when he came back, he said "I left to knit one another row. Go look. I think I dropped a stitch." He even used the lingo! There was one more row and a split stitch. Yep. I'm a proud mama. In honor if him picking up the needles, this post is dedicated to my husband.

When we started TwoBlack Sheep, I don't know if SK took us seriously. He wanted a super cool name, and he came up with Steak Knife. I'm not sure why he thought this was cool, but we went with it. SK was born. Now that it's been a couple months, SK says on Thursday, "I'd like to be known as MR." MR stands for Medium Rare. Why?
"I'm the middle child. I do everything middle of the road. Nothing extraordinary, except meeting and marrying you (his words, honest). And I'm a little pink on the inside."

Please, don't ask me to explain his thinking. I've stopped trying to do this about 10 years ago before our second date. He left a note written on masking tape, "I will be at your door at 7:30 p.m." There was confusion about our first date. I say that he stood me up and he says I left two minutes after 7:30. That's two minutes after the start of the date. Never mind our silly beginnings, I introduce to you MR! I love you my big T-Bone. That's all the mushiness you'll get for 2007.

Here's 2 more pictures from our weekend. Gus really misses the Christmas tree lights. He used to lay on his belly and look at the lights. Now he does the same thing, but says "lights on" to the red light on the power strip. Oh it's sad and cute at the same time.

A preview of Beaner's finished seamless yoke. Poor Gus has to model everything. I'll post details tomorrow.

Off to prepare for the big game! Someone better bring the dip. Go Bucks!!