Monday, January 29, 2007

Tonight is Your Night, Bro

Since the last post was so moving, I feel that I need to tack on a disclaimer for the next post.
Disclaimer: This post is full of silliness, shame and probably a crap-ton of grammatical errors.
Now I can procedde with my head hanging low.

You won't be hearing much from me this week. We're packing up and preparing for our trip to the Windy City. Last spring, we watched VH1's World Series of Pop Culture. I like to think that MR has more crap knowledge than I do, but I've been sinking to his level for the last 10 years. I'm not proud of this slide. Not at all. Mom would always say, "Don't fall in love with a man who's shorter than you." But Mom never warned us about falling in love with a nerd. So I didn't know what to do when Nerd Love came a knockin'. There were flags early in our relationship. Here's one example that should have sent me running.

Our first dating years were full of Star Wars events. The biggest flag came during the Phanton Menace premiere. I waited in a 3-hour line with him and some other friends. It wasn't until an MC announced a winner in the Best Wookie sound that I noticed a bar across the street. I left, sat on a stool and returned right before the MC announced Biggest Star War's fan. The MC was about to hand a shirt to a guy named Luke ("My parents named me after L.S" Really? What 30 year-old wasn't told that at least once?), MR stood up and shoved a card in the guy's face. "The guy with the Honorary Jedi card wins," the MC screams. The crowd fell silent. You could only hear my head hitting the pavement and some guy turning on his "lightsaber". The only thing that stopped me from passing out were the number of grown men in costumes. Anyone should worry about grown men in costumes if it isn't Halloween. Apparently, MR had hidden and "forgotten" about this card. He received it when he was a little kid after he sent in UPC codes from the figure boxes.

I've learned to deal with his "dorkiness". I always look for Marvel Legend variants while I'm on the road. If I do it in my spare time, we don't have to look while were cramming errands in before Gus' dinner. I took the time to Google all cult/superhero names before we picked a name for Gus. I almost caved for Ash, but I came to my senses. I've learned to fake an interested look and nod whenever I hear: Bruce Campbell, George Romero and Avatar

Anyway back to this weekend... After the show ended, MR put us on the mailing list. We submitted a questionnaire and got an interview time. We've been cramming our brains full of Pop Culture information. Robocop, Designing Women, Better Off Dead, Mars Blackman, etc. I'd like to think I will be the downfall of the team (Mark my words), but I beat MR during the original show. And I did this while knitting from a chart without a cable needle. I'd like to get to one Chicago YS, but the others think knitting is nerdy. I am hanging out with people that attend 24-hour Horror Marathons after all. Fiber is real dorky, people.

I'm bring along Nephew's Wallaby. I'm NO perfectionist in my regular life, but knitting is quite the opposite. I've knit Wallaby's k1 X p1 ribbing 3 times. The first time I didn't knit the ribbing on smaller needles. I didn't think it'd matter. Now I know why you knit ribbing with smaller needles. The second time involved a Tubular Cast-on. I was very pleased with it for the Pomathous sock. 112 stitches proved to be the demise of my Tubular love affair. I must have screwed up a knit or purl stitch. The ribbing was off and some of the loops just fell off the needle. I did a backward loop cast-on in the middle of the ribbing. I kept thinking, "What 5 year-old will notice that?" But the 30 year-old knitter kept noticing. So last night while watching Supersize Me (I knew there was a reason I skipped this movie), I did a long tail purl and knit cast-on on the small needles. I'm very pleased with the outcome and can't wait to work on it in the airport on Sunday. Friday's airport trip is to be filled with more pop culture cramming. That's what I'm told.

What's that in the background? Yep. I'm no longer a STR virgin. Well kind of, I haven't knit from the skein yet. So I guess I'm the girl getting ready for prom. I've shaved my legs and talked to my girlfriends about birth control methods. Once the first pomathous sock is finished, I'll start knitting my G-Rocks socks.

Wish us luck, and quiz me if you want.