Saturday, November 18, 2006

Hit me with your Best Shot

Ava thinks that we should have a little contest here at Two Black Sheep. See how many readers we have besides our family (the ones we've told, anyway). So come on and delurk just to make us feel warm and fuzzy! But I'll get to the contest at the end of the post. Hang on (part of a song that I've endured about 60 times just today. Don't ask me to count the times early in the week)!

Knitting news. I spent almost a week up north and had plenty of down time. I do believe that I was in a bookstore for at least an hour every day. Not sure what else to do with my time. It's getting cold, so my time knitting and listening to Sirius in the car is coming to an end. I did have a huge knitting score. I went to Knitting Garden in Westlake, OH for the second time. This visit was so pleasant. They complimented my Lady Eleanor more times than I care to remember. When I was looking at some expensive hat yarn, the owner steered me towards Plymouth's Encore. I have never heard someone praise an acrylic blend so highly. I like the stuff and have no snobbish feelings towards acrylic, but she almost made me want to French Kiss the stuff. The yarn didn't work out for what I wanted, but I'm going to use the same color for a Totem for Beaner. Someday. Then I ventured into the sales room. Rowan Calmer for 50% off! Not the greatest color choices, but still.

Outside the sale room, I tripped over Plymouth's Boku . Less scratchy than Noro's Kureyon, not as soft as Silk Garden. As you can tell from the picture, the color changes aren't as dramatic with Boku (Boku on Right. Noro on Left). But for 1/2 the price, it will be great for my Lizard Ridge.

Then before leaving, I found a great felted bag pattern. Noni's Adventure Bag wasn't even priced yet. I have been doing a search for a great knit purse pattern. I can only hope that this is the Black Dress of knit purses! It comes in 3 sizes, Evening, Urban and Long Weeknd. I started the Long Weekend last night in a color I like to call, "Baby Shit".

Next to the "Now Totem" yarn, is the nicest card from Kim at Knitted Frenzy thanking me for the helmet liner. It was really my pleasure and I strongly recommend the pattern and cause.

So non-knitting news. Stupid us, we went to dinner last night. This is not the weekend to venture out of your house in our city. But we went anyway. Usually, Gus is very good at restaurants. Sit near a ceiling fan or some lights, and he's thrilled. Little different last night, just kind of cranky. Got home and put him to bed, no problem. I heard Gus coughing for a while, so I went in to check on him. Nothing's worse than opening the door and being smacked with the smell of vomit. There he is laying in a pile of peach filled puke! I gave SK the job of giving him a quick bath. There's no way that he could've handled the rest without adding to the pile. Every time I have to clean up vomit, I remember our mother's trick and think of using it. "But how was I going to get the Pup into Gus' crib to lick up this pile?" I think SK may have had a problem with letting the Pup clean it up. But then SK would have a problem cleaning it up too. Oh, the choices when you're a parent.

6 more hours until the city stops and about 10 more before it starts to burn. Which brings us to the contest. Guess Lola and Ava's Cities. It may not be that hard to guess my city, we're all over the news. I even saw sexy Bill Weir (GMA's weekend guy) talking about us. Ava's city might be more of a challenge. The winner will be the person closest to our respective hometowns, give or take 50 miles. Prizes are yet to be determined, but we do love to shop for yarn. Come on and guess by Thursday!