Sunday, November 26, 2006

So Sleepy (so tired can't even think of a song)

I believe we have a winner, but I'll conference with Ava. Which is also an excuse to catch up on holiday drama.

I'm exhausted, so I can't blog about anything. Nothing. I'm on the road again all week, so I'm filling the bag with more fiber and more sleep-aid (hotels screw me up). But here's a quick update...

  • Got a new digital camera
  • Made great progress on new Noni pattern & No-Sew Miter Baby Blanket
  • Only discussed why "No one's coming home for Christmas this year" a thousand times
  • Gus was on fire this week. I think he's learning stand-up at daycare.
  • And was fantastic during our 8 hour car trip
  • Re-learned Grandma's Wave crochet pattern
  • Packed 7 times during the last 3 days.

I'll call you from the road tomorrow. Or maybe the bar...

p.s. Any info on why Bloglines is still saying that we have a problem with our feed? I hate that it doesn't update!