Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Huddle Formation

Absolutely no knitting content here (other than to say that I finished my helmet liner - very easy and very worthwhile whatever your opinion of the war is. Motor over to A Knitted Frenzy for more info). Don't forget the contest ends on Thursday. Everyone pretty much has Lola's hometown; mine is harder, but you can figure it out . . . look at the yarns I really like!

It is my favorite/least favorite time of the year as it is parent/teacher conferences. I love it because it gives me a break from the kids and a chance to see if apples truly don't fall far from the tree and it's nice to catch up with parents I already know. But, I detest it because you often find out things you don't want to know (a student's father died unexpectedly over the summer; excuses are everywhere; nobody likes English). Anyway, enjoy your turkey/tryptophan spectacular. We'll be thinking about you in Montreal - oui, oui!


PS - I may be in love with Kraemmer's Summit Hill yarn. The stitch definition is beyond belief . . . they offer tours of the mill, by the way. Also, please talk me out of (or into as the case may be) the Enid Cardigan by Veronik Avery. Don't know if steeking is something I can handle right now.