Tuesday, November 28, 2006

If All the Raindrops

Dear Lauren,

Congrats! How's it feel to be the very first winner of a Two Black Sheep contest? So today, I dedicate our post to you.

Knitting has been a tad slow. From the picture, you can see a "No Sew Miter" perched on my suitcase. That's the only entertaining shot I could get. I've been traveling a lot for work, and I really shouldn't complain. There are weeks with my job that I'll sit with my buds, Dr. Phil & Maury and shake my head with disapproval (for the record, I don't really watch Maury. Don't ask me to apologize for Dr. Phil). Weeks just like that! Errands done in the afternoons. Dinners planned and made for the family. Off to the park with Gus for the early sun. And then there are weeks that I can't remember if this is the hotel that I'm on the 3rd floor or is it the 4th? I should use my new camera just to track my movements. Since I deal with different retailers, I can usually count on some downtime before Thanksgiving through Valentine's Day. Nope, not this year. And it sucks, because managers are really pissy this time of year. And I don't blame them, but I didn't ask to come into their store. Their bosses did!

Anyways, back to the Miter. I like doing them this way. Not quite as portable, but just kind of quirky. What I don't like about them, is the cotton. I've always disliked cotton. I'm using Tahki Cotton Classic and Elann Sonata. I prefer the cheap stuff since it isn't as slippery, but I know that the expensive stuff would feel a bit better on the baby's skin. It isn't a huge difference and you can't really tell since it's mixed in. Oh well, ain't my kid.

Speaking of my kid, here's a recent picture. Recently, we went to a friend's house and he discovered a play drill. Gus loved it! Put it up to every piece of furniture and knee in the place. Not sure where he picked up this behavior. We're not fixer-uppers. SK bought a set of plastic tools the next day. Gus loves his new goggles and even tries to get the Pup to wear them. That doesn't last long.

Congrats again. And thanks for reading. Send us your email address and we'll get your prize a movin'. Ava is going to pack up your present, and I've already yelled at her. She has this knack for sending gifts months (sometimes years) after the celebration. I think I just got my Sweet 16 gift. Ava, thanks for the pink boom box. Where's the cd go?

Love- Lola

p.s. Ava- Here's the crochet shot I promised. This is really the only crochet thing I like. Just reminds me of Grandma and her teaching me my very first hobby. So I've switched majors to Knitting, but I don't think she'd care. I've added a second color and am about to add the third. I'm using green, cream and brown. Reminded me of a new stroller print I saw in Babies R Us. Hell of a lot cheaper than having a baby just to buy the cute new stuff.