Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Touch of my Hand

I can't take it! I just can't. Resse & Ryan. And now Brit & K-Fed? I'm mean, no one thought it'd work, but I had faith in a little thing we like to call, "LOVE". What's happening to this world? I've had it. I can't read, watch tv, or even knit. I'll just turn off the lights, hit the bottle and sing a very bluesy rendition of "I'm a Slave for You." Start the beat, please.

We have should have a contest! Guess where the hell Lola's going? If you watched the news last week, I'll be lucky to come home without a bullet hole or been gang raped. I've got to visit 2 big chart topping cities for a lovely work meeting. Which is also code for, "call my cell to update me on your vacation". If you didn't get my subtlety. Where in the world in Lola?

I'm off to sing that song.

I'm a sllll avvvve foooooor yooooooou....