Sunday, December 03, 2006

Get Behind Me, Santa

Ah, it's that time of the year. The time when you spend more time in Target than with your family, muttering about all the other people in Target and wondering why they (or you) don't do more shopping online. Honestly, the 8th circle of hell must be the back corner of every Target store where they so smartly choose to put the Christmas tree lights. What retail architect came up with that configuration? Probably one who does his or her shopping online!

There has been virtually no knitting in my household. This is the second time (in November, no less) that I have taken a trip abroad only to come back to a full week of work, the Flyer leaving the day after we get back on business, and having an Academy weekend (classes from Friday 4:00 PM to 9:00 PM and then all day Saturday).

Putting the tree up this weekend put me in a little less than the Christmas mood . . . more like Scrooge with a couple of vodka tonics in him. Betty and Veronica did most of the labor (unpack tree, fluff branches, plug in), but neither one wanted to bring in the Crinkle Klauses. Lola, when did I get all these? Was Mom secretly sneaking them into my suitcases like a roofie? And, I even suggested putting the extra twinkle lights around the kitchen window! I did, however, sign a statement verifying that I would remove them after the holidays. What has happened to me?

Montreal was so much fun. The weather was nice (no rain until the last day), the language was not an issue (most folks say, "Bonjour! Hi!"), and the food was good (loved the crepes). The knitting and yarn wasn't what I expected. Let's just say that when these Trekking socks are done, I may never pick up another ball of Trekking again. I think I may name them "Unknittable" because they are destined to linger in my knitting basket forever. Knitting on zeros was my first error; the second was picking a stitch pattern with a k3tog through the back loop. As far as yarn shopping is concerned, I wasn't very pleased. I thought it was going to be great as Zellers had a huge selection of Patton's yarn as well as a rather cheap and pleasing acrylic. We made a quick jaunt to a yarn shop in Montreal and I was initally pleased, but I got really annoyed when the owner kept interrupting my touching. I wanted to say, "Trust me, I will buy something and probably a lot, but leave me alone to make my selections." Every five seconds, the owner was showing me how this was done or how these two yarns knit up together. In the end, I walked away with some Galway I had never seen, two lovely-rub-it-on-me-in-private skeins of Noro silks, and something for Veronica. Nothing major and certainly not what I would have purchased left to my own devices.

I'll post some more tomorrow with pictures of the idiot socks. Right now, I have to grade some papers so I can get progress reports done.


PS - What are your thoughts on parents letting their young use those Wheelies in stores? Personally, I will slap you if I ever see Gus in a pair, but that's just me.