Thursday, December 21, 2006

Little Drummer Boy

This is my "Merry Christmas" post. I'm not even going to attempt to rhyme. It would never come close to your glorious poem. We're leaving tomorrow after SK's office party. I'm keeping Gus home, so there's no blogging, knitting or even watching good ole Reg & Kelly. I have one more batch of spinach rolls to make and then I can sleep. I worked so hard yesterday, so I could relax all day today. I had to create a list to keep myself on track. Here's how it read:

Wrap gifts
Make cookies & spinach rolls

Shave legs
That's just how silly I've become and you know that I have yet to cross off the last one. Let me say, thank god for the Betty Crocker sugar cookie mix! I can't believe how good they tasted the next day.

I finished Gus' tomten last night (w/o the zipper). There is something about brown garter stitch that makes me so happy. It's so simple that it's beautiful. Seriously. I made some changes to the pattern. When I finished one sleeve, I realized that it was a very unattractive length. I hacked off about 16 ridges from the listed 40 ridges. I always freak out when I have to cut knitted fabric. I'm still picking pieces of brown wool out of the carpet. I also shortened the sleeves by 7 ridges. The border is my first attempt with an I-Cord, and I loved it! I found it almost magical. While watching Bones (cried like a baby during the Christmas episode), it just seemed to appear along the edge. I'll get a picture once the zipper is attached, I need my Mommy for that one.

Next to the tomten, is the pre-felted Noni Adventure bag. I'm not sure if the picture best represents its sheer size. I tried to put a book in there for reference, but it amazes me each time I grab it. I need a free day to felt it, so it'll wait for the new year. But what do the two projects have in common? I'm crazy and have a knitting death wish. Maybe. All of my recent projects (still have one in the WIP basket) require no skills. Straight knitting. No purls. No concentration. So a resolution is in need. My next projects will involve cables and fair isle. Promise! Seamless yoke for Beaner (fair isle at the top), We Call Them Pirates & Shedir.

Finally, a little picture of Gus for the holidays. He worked so hard one night, but never quite got there. He wiggled and wiggled, but was never able to turn around. His daycare teacher created a CD of their circle songs for a Christmas gift. It was perfect because we have a lack of children CDs. Last night, we danced to Wheels on the Bus and Five Little Ducks. Sounds better than the rap station he tuned the bedroom radio to a couple weeks ago. One night, I'm watching him dance. We're laughing and joining in, and then I listen to the lyrics. Not so cute.
I wish you an enormous amounts of holiday cheer! Have fun with Mom & Dad. I'll completely understand if I get a phone call and you're whispering. Just have lots of wine in the fridge.
Love you all,