Thursday, December 07, 2006

My Favorite Things

Why is that song linked to Christmas, or is it just me? Here it is, as promised, proof that I'm not all Scroogey this year. A few of my favorite reasons that it's Christmas time:

1. Hot Chocolate. I discovered this recipe from Poise Gets Cozy. You know that I'm a coffee gal, but for some reason December screams for some chocolate and marshmallows. This stuff if pretty rich, not like the watery stuff produced from the envelopes with foam "marhmallows". It'll do in a pinch, but I'm in love.
2. Staying indoors. I went through a phase where I loved astrology. My sign, Cancer, always said that, "You're a homebody." I never believed it! I wanted to be out. You could find me in the dirtiest neighborhood watering holes (Ava, you've been to my favorite). But deep down, I loved having an evening to myself. Wine, garlic spread and a book (before knitting) was heaven to me. Now I've given into the fact that I like staying home. That's not real fair, maybe now I've had to give into that side since we don't have instant access to a babysitter. But I like sitting on the couch & no one gives you shit about it in the winter.
3. Great time to discover new things. SK and his family are into submitting Christmas lists. I dread having to write up a list of things that I'd like for Christmas. I hate "asking" for things. What's worse is, I never feel like I need anything. I'm practical. But every year, I sit down and type something up. For the last 2 years, it always comes back to Gus. I veer away from my list and stumble onto things that we'd love for him. He NEEDS nothing. Please NO toys, Ava. I'm in complete love with "Snowy Day" & Ezra Jack Keats. I love the artwork and when the snow PLOPS on Peter's head, cracks me up. Also happens to be one of the books that Gus will sit through. Anyways, there's a Keats Neighborhood book that I'd like to get for Gus. But that's it. Until he understands Christmas, he's getting about 2 gifts from us. Did Keats do the "Stick a butter, gallon of milk & loaf of bread" Sesame Street skit? Note to self, find out!
4. Emmet Otter's Christmas Special. One of the only Christmas specials that our Dad will sit through and not say, "Oh piss on it. I'm going to bed." Doesn't that picture make you so happy. SK has never seen it. Never! I've got to find it & sit him down. But I'm afraid the it won't measure up. Remember our Private Eyes experience? "You loved this as a kid?" SK asked. I had to say "Yes" but I forgot why we liked it. I'm confident that the Riverbottom Nightmare Band will still rock.
5. Certain Christmas Songs. I love Mele Kalikimaka! Reminds me of Christmas more than anything else. Our grandparents played it maybe all year round. Just typing the word, makes me smell rum and evergreen. Two staples. I also love a Dolly Parton Christmas (I'm going through a Dolly phase again)! Click on it, doesn't it make you want to wrap gifts?

So there you go, just a couple of my favorite Holiday things. I could list a hundred more; drunken nights in the dorms repeating, "What sound does a piggy make?" from A Christmas Story, John Denver's Muppet Christmas, making Aunt C's Christmas cookies (which really aren't as good as I remember. Real yeasty), etc. Who can hate the Island of Misfits? Who? So I'll leave you with that, maybe you could fill out the holiday meme that's starting to float.

Take a look at that first picture. Look close. That Lizard Ridge square has really pissed me off! I've always liked that color of Noro (maybe 95), lime green, hot pink and dusty brown. Could you ask for more? I make the square and there's no pink! None. Just yellow and green. You can't really squeeze 2 squares out of one skein. Now I've got to mix it with something else. Looks ok, but the mixed blocks never look as good as the originals. If Noro wasn't so expensive, I'd use the scraps for something else. Still plugging away.

I love my Fiber Trend clogs! Knitpicks Wool of Andes felts really well. The pattern is kind of weird, because you knit 2 bottoms for extra cushion. Once you felt them, it makes sense. I'm thinking about making another set and add the hard bottoms from their site. Wear them all around the city. SK wants a pair, so I'll get cracking.

Yesterday, we had a request for a picture of our stockings. The pattern is from Handknit Holidays. I wanted a mismatched look this year. So I used a bunch of Paton's Merino leftover from the MasonDixon Afghan (warmest thing ever, get your's done Ava). I really liked the slip-stitch pattern and the bobble bind-off on Gus' and SK's. I got lazy on mine. I machine sewed rick-rack as the hanging loop. We haven't filled stockings yet. Once we stay home from the holidays, we'll test them.
Love, Lola