Friday, December 29, 2006

The One I Love

I don't know if you do this with your knits, but I build up a love affair. Especially with my sweaters, I think that's what keeps me going. The first couple sweaters I made were during the early months of my pregnancy. The Skull sweater from Stitch Bitch I thought would be big enough even when I was showing. While making a Debbie Bliss slouchy cardigan, I kept thinking, "How cute is my bump going to look peaking through?!" I imagine all the lively things I'll do in my new sweater. And when people see me having tons of fun, they'll ask, "Wow. Where'd you get that great sweater?" I'll toss my hair and say, "Oh this? I made it." And then skip away. Well, it never goes like that. The Skull sweater was so heavy and thus hot, I wore it once (While pregnant, I would almost pass out if it was warmer than 64). Someone did ask me about the Debbie Bliss cardigan, but I was washing my hands and the bottom kept falling into the sink. I think it was a bit to big. If I haven't said it, we suffer from our mother's paranoia, "Buy it big, it will shrink!" It's hard to break that habit and I still don't understand the "To Fit Bust" column of a knit pattern. Does that mean if I have a 36' bust, I should make the Medium? Or do I add on for ease? Screw it. And then there was Raspy from Rowan's Denim collection. I made this while pregnant knowing that I'd have to wait until after the kid was pushed out for a good spin around the city. Remember, I had to knit 20% more because of the built in shrinkage. The front bunches because it's the same as the back and once again, it's just a smidge to big. I wanted the perfect lounge sweater! One that looks cute with pj bottoms or one that looks cute in Target. Enter EZ.
I started this a couple months ago with no target completion date. I got both sleeves done very fast thanks to a work trip, but the body languished. About a week ago, I noticed that I stitched the year into the hem and I thought, "How horrible to not have it done in 2006!" That's all it took. I was crazed to finish this and "Ta Da..." She's done, fabulous & all that I could've imagined! Maybe I'll be wearing this when Gus finally says, "Ma, they can hear you singing 3 cars over!" Or maybe during his first trip to the zoo (haven't quite made it there yet). Or during my trip to Barnes & Noble later today...

I can't tell you how much I adore Elizabeth Zimmermann! It fits! Less than a dozen ends to weave. No pattern to shove into my purse. And it just seemed to finish itself. Last night, I put it on for SK. And I think he was as shocked as I was. It was 3 tubes only a couple nights ago. In the spirit of my Knitting New Year's Resolution, I used all stash yarn. Paton's Classic (not sure when I'll run out of this stuff) on US 8s. The only modification was the hem. I don't like how she adds the inside color last and then stitches the hem to the sweater. I'm taking Brooklyntweed's route from now on. I'm starting Beaner's sweater as soon as I finish SK's felted clogs. It' s going to take a truly gorgeous sweater to break me from the Seamless crack pipe.

In yesterday's post, I made the announcement that I was going "gut" Gus' room. Not sure if that's going to happen. I just want to prance around the house in my new sweater. She doesn't need to rummage through toy boxes yet.

Love ya,

p.s. SK just called to tell me that in his Health Newsletter at work, it says to keep your thermostat set to 68 degrees. If you have it set any where from 60-65 degrees, you could have long term health problems. They are listed as hypothermia, sleepiness, confusion, and achey joints. And he says, "Well you do go to bed early and you are confused a lot." Early to him is anytime before 11:30 p.m. I'll chalk the "confusion" comment up to him being pissed that he's working today.