Thursday, October 26, 2006

100 Bottles of Beer on the Wall

This is me, hanging my head. Why? Look closer... Closer... Time's up.
It's Halloween. I think that every year my love for the holiday will come back, but that's not happening this year. Don't get me wrong, I do like the holiday. I do. But the Lola household runs it into the graveyard! It's this damned Halloween party we've been throwing. I swore that Halloween 2005 was the last. But like an ghoulish idiot, I gave in. So the table is full of uncarved pumpkins once again (I have never liked this part of the holiday). Yes, SK has been pretty good this year. He's only created 2 mummified skeletons and he's taking tomorrow off to prepare the graveyard. But it's suppose to rain and snow all day Saturday, so I'm going to have all the Pirates, Witches, and Side-Show Freaks in the house.

No 2. reason my head hangs low, I finished the Pimlico Shrug. "Shouldn't you be celebrating?" Ava says. Yes, but after ribbing for 6 inches, it's the only position my head can get into. That's 6 inches of ribbing on 480 stitches! I think that one of my Denise cables is ruined from all the pushing and pulling. But it is a great shrug/wrap/sweater, whatever the hell it is! Not real flattering, but I didn't knit it to be so. The short time I wore it for the picture, I was thrilled with it. Just like the book said, it jazzed up my dirty jeans and nasty t-shirt (I don't have an appointment until very late this afternoon. Why clean up before?)
Here's the morbid specs:
Needle size: US 8
Yarn: Knitpicks Merino Style Moss
Pattern: Pimlico Shrug from Knit 2 Together

Usually when a project is finished, I like to think about the things that I've learned. No question, this project has taught me to hate ribbing! Hate hate hate the stuff. If someone dresses up like 2x2 Ribbing at our party, I'll either pass out or kill them. The chances of someone picking that costume is highly unlikely, so put away the handcuffs.

My WIP pile is shrinking. I have a lot of projects that don't have deadlines. I have one sleeve of my EZ Comfy Gray Sweater done, but there's no time line on that one. I need to start the Baby Miter Square Blanket, but I can't seem to look at miters yet. The Lizard Ridge Blanket is fun to occasionally work on, but I don't care if it becomes a graduation gift for Gus. I need something real quick and dirty. Maybe I'll spit out a hat. I'm also thinking of doing some charity knitting. Ava, want to look for something together? If anyone has good ideas, leave us a comment.

Now that my shrug is done, I can clean, cook and decorate for this weekend. Oh spooky joy.