Monday, October 30, 2006

Monster Mash

Happy Halloween, a tad early! SK wanted me to post some pictures of his 2006 creations. As you can tell, he doesn't mess around. Thank god, it's only once a year. If I have to have another conversation about "Monster Mud", I may get in that coffin.

I'll post knitting content tomorrow, just so you'll have something to think about on your long flight. Oh how bored you will be... But let me tell what I've learned.

It gets easier with age to just nod your head. At the party we were talking about babies, shock. SIL brought their 10 week ole peanut. She's a great baby! Everything Gus wasn't. She only cries if she wet or hungry and nothing in between. You see, Gus had colic. I think it's because of my years and years of saying, "I don't want a kid." Spending 2 weeks with Ava on bedrest will do that to an 8th grader. After one of my last OBGYN visits, the midwife informed me that I could go any day. I must have looked shocked, because she asked "Well what did you think was going to happen in 9 months?" But labor didn't kill me and he nursed right away, two things that concerned me the most. The day before my mother left, Gus turned into a totally different baby. He screamed all day. Wouldn't calm down unless I was nursing him or holding/moving him. I just kept telling myself, "This is what newborns do." It wasn't until I went home to visit my mom and also visiting sister for some help/break. After only a couple of hours, they also noticed that his behavior wasn't "normal". Other Sister often says that she would not have had the patience I did with Gus. I felt good for the first time. It wasn't anything I did or couldn't handle. I had colic as a baby, so maybe it was some cosmic payback.

Anyways back to the SIL. She says, "I think babies are a reflection of how their parents handle them. If you're calm, the baby is calm. Same with frantic or frazzled mothers. Maybe you were a frantic mother and that's why Gus was the way he was." I think about her statement now and I want to scream. She can't leave the baby for more than 2 hours without crying! But I shook my head, no and said, "Colic." Maybe her next child will have colic. But as the Other Sister would say, "I would never wish a Gus Newborn on my worst enemy." And the SIL isn't an enemy, just family.

I promise, knitting stuff tomorrow!