Saturday, October 28, 2006

Things That Make You Go Hmmmm

The Frequent Flyer is a huge fan of this show and has been for years. In fact, he has even successfully hooked the girls and me on it. This is quite an accomplishment since a friend of mine also attempted to explain it to me in my youth and was unsuccessful. Last weekend, the episode was a little creepy and Veronica promptly proclaimed she would have nightmares. We (her father and I) took it in stride because she is prone to scares so it wasn’t a real concern. Needless to say, I said goodnight to the girls and went to bed without really thinking about the whole situation.

What to do with this yarn?

At 4:30 AM, the phone rang. It was one of those situations where you are so deep in sleep that you don’t realize something is occurring in real time. Thirty seconds later, the phone rings again. The Frequent Flyer mumbles about the phone (it was 4:30.30 AM after all) and I reach for it only to get a dial tone. Fearing for the worst, like a death in the family, I call our voicemail and hear that there are no new messages so I chalk it up to a wrong number, but the phone rings again. This time I grab it only to hear this:

Caller: Mommy, I’m scared. Help me!
Me (in full blown panic mode because I recognize the voice): Veronica? Is that you?
Veronica: Mommy, I’m scared. Can you get me?
Me (knowing damn well I tucked her in, so she must have been kidnapped and I didn’t wake up): Where the hell are you?
Veronica: I’m in my room and I can’t open the door because I am frightened.
Me (perplexed to say the least): How are you calling me?
Veronica: I took my cell phone to bed in case I needed to call you. Come get me.
Me (slightly pissed now): Can’t you just come over to my room (which is two feet away, just in case you were wondering)?
Veronica: No, I’m too scared from Dr. Who.
Me (really pissed now as the Flyer is snoring through this and it was his show that did it): Fine, hang up, I’ll be right there.

As Veronica puts it later - much later as I slept with her in a twin bed - one of her biggest fears is opening her door to find someone behind it. Really? My biggest fear is getting a phone call from one of my children at 4:30 AM sounding as if they have been kidnapped into white slavery (thanks for that one, Mom). Thankfully, last night’s Dr. Who was not that scary and actually quite fun.

Rafe Purse from Target

The purse? Couldn't resist it . . . espcially since it will come in handy this coming week for Guy Fawkes Day. All you Anglophiles out there, the Flyer and I are heading to the Motherland in a few days so if there is anything that you would like me to pick up, I am only too happy to oblige. Lola has asked for a Kim Hargreaves kit, but I love shopping especially for other folks. I am so keen on getting to Liberty as its selection of Rowan yarn is second to none and its fabric line would look lovely on several of Amy Butler’s patterns. Again the offer is there if anyone would like to take me up on it. Drop me a line with your list and we’ll chat (virtually that is).


PS – Can’t wait to wear the hat in London-town with the Alter Knits wrap. Oh, and if anyone has any suggestions what to do with the yarn in the first picture, please let me know. I have about 11 balls and I am wondering why I bought it in the first place.

Can't resist a good hat