Sunday, October 01, 2006

Baby Did a Bad, Bad Thing

Have you ever noticed that at this time of year, there are about a zillion “Television’s #1 New Show” on the air. How is that possible? I may be an English teacher, but I know a little sumpin’-sumpin’ about math. There can be only one (go ahead, figure out that movie reference . . . that is how our house works). Personally, there hasn’t been anything that has really kept my interest. You were right about Smith . . . there wasn’t enough in the second episode to make me want to watch the third. I will, of course, watch the third just to see if there is a little action between Jonny Lee Miller (Mr. Jolie #1) and Simon Baker, but I doubt that is going to happen.


That being said, Dr. Who and Degrassi: The Next Generation both kicked off their season premiers on Friday night. It was an all out fight to see who would get to watch their show in real time and who would have to settle for DVR. In the end, the Flyer won (he does pay the bills, after all) and Betty and Veronica watched Emma and Sean’s reunion on DVR (damn those bad boy types . . . even in Canada they are alluring). I was at class on Friday night – yup, Friday night – learning about data analysis and representation. Honestly, I brought my sock just so I had a spare DPN to pound into my thigh in case it got too dull and mind numbing. But, you know what, it was actually the most thought provoking and exciting thing educationally that I have learned since I signed my contract. Fascinating, interesting stuff!

It has been a rough week here so there hasn’t been much blogging or knitting being done. Monday was fine (we even got the title for the Flyer’s car in the mail), until I realized that the Flyer’s birthday was the next day and I hadn’t gotten him a present. On Tuesday, the actual day of his birth, the girls and I ran to Target to get some presents (they bought the complete run of The Tick and I “bought” a flat screen TV – really three plastic cards of different models for him to research). Happy day . . . and then Wednesday loomed and boomed. I had open house at 7:30 but also an emergency cheerleading practice as the ladies needed some practice as they were cheering at the homecoming game on Friday. I decided to stay at school and get stuff done because it didn’t make much sense to go home. The Flyer emailed mid-morning to say something happened to his car and he was having it towed. A few hours later, he texted to say it would be $2500 to get it fixed. Happy birthday . . . I don’t think you can watch a transmission, but you can drive your car with it. Thursday the Flyer takes my car to work so he drops me off. I got the distinct privilege of being the first teacher in the building, a mere 10 hours after I left from open house the night before. After the football game, I was ready to drop. Friday rolled around with the class after work (that means 6:30 AM to 9 PM of education) only to be followed by Saturday’s class of 9 AM to 4 PM. We did go see School for Scoundrels last night, so there was a nice little cap to an otherwise very busy week and . . .

Miami vs. Syracuse

I finished the other toe up sock! The pictures were taken about three minutes ago after I cast off the second one and I am wearing them right now. I have now learned that I need to decrease the foot length by about half an inch. Most of the knitting was done while my cheerleaders were stretching or during the game. Some of the parents cast dismissive looks while I was knitting until I began making comments on the game. Then they figured out that I was both knitting and watching the game. What a concept! I think that I will knit miter squares now during the games (did I mention that I hate you, you with your finished afghan) instead of a new pair of socks. So, cross off the toe up sock. Here are the specifics.

Toe Up Sock (Mathematical Socks from Knitty)
Yarn: Country Hill Yarn in Tadpole
Needles: size 5 bamboo DPNs
Time: about three weeks (or six practices and three games)

Toe-UP (Mathematical) Socks

Happy late birthday, Flyer! Keep those gangsta rap dreams alive and I’ll work on the booty poppin’! Peace out, DJ Jazzy Trevor!

PS – the football picture is from the Miami-Syracuse game. We lost as we kind of suck this year. I got so irritated at one point that I rummaged through my purse for something to read. All I could find was my yarn guide pamphlet. The Flyer comments, “Please don’t knit here.” First, I didn’t bring anything to knit as I was grading the whole way to Syracuse, at the hotel, and the whole ride home. Second, the game was so bad that I might have thrown a DPN at that kicker just to take him out of the game.