Monday, October 09, 2006

All Done.

That's one our favorite pharses to use with Gus. And now, apply it to the Seamless Yoke!

Last night, I stayed up later than usual to finish the hem. I think it was the first time I'd ever written, "Mom" referring to myself. I can't explain how incredibly old that made me feel. As soon as I get him in the door, it's going over his head. I may need to rip out the bind off and do the EZ bind off. But I'm hoping that I can just rip out the life line. I'll post his model shot later this evening. I'm sure he'll look fierce, Ms. Banks! If he'll sit for a picture! Lately, the camera is his devil.
Here's the goods:
Yarn: 1.5 balls of Kraemer Tatamy Tweed in Navy (I adore this yarn. It alone is making me want to started the Baby Miter blanket so soon after the Monster Miter blanket)
Needle: US 5
Pattern: Seamless Yoke from Knitting Without Tears measured off of an Old Navy 2T sweater.
That's it, really! If I didn't have so much Paton's Merino in the stash, I'd buy more of the Tweed and start my sweater with it. Did I say how much I love this sweater? I know that an adult sweater will take more time, but it was the best TV knitting to date.