Sunday, October 22, 2006


Nothing to show today, I'll save that for a Toddler-free day. But I have made progress on the shrug (Next PU 320 sts. Ugh.) and I finished one sleeve on my Comfy Gray Sweater (pictures and post about this new project). But just wanted to catch-up.

Work meeting was a work meeting. No one yelled at me for knitting, but I really think most were asleep. IU game was as boring as watching the Project Runway finale and you know who won. Stupid USA Today and Room Service! Today we're going to a pumpkin farm with the other family in the land. Gus is going to wear his Seamless Yoke and I'm taking a camera. Now if I just will pull it out and use it...

So here are a couple blogs I'm addicted to:
Little Birds

Posie Gets Cozy

And sometimes, Hello My Name is Heather
They make me want to make a lifestyle change (see I did ok with the Song Title post)! I bet they never go to big box stores. Am I the only one that's imtimdated by Farmers' Markets? Drink tea over coffee. And it isn't the type of tea that comes in a box with a sleeping bear on the front! Drink wine over beer, but only occasionally. Don't even think about it being in a box (or a cold garage). Plastic bags, you've got to be crazy! They have more cool unbleached totes than you or I could imagine. I bet there's no tv in the house. Maybe one 12 inch, in case of an emergency. If they were me, they would have already taken Gus camping. Not wait until he listens more (when does that happen? 3, 4...). As you can tell, they make the coolest clothes for their little ones. All of these statements may sound like they're coming off with a smart ass tone, but I swear I'm not (it's a first). I'm jealous. Only veggies I have in the house are either frozen or very mushy carrots from weeks ago. So that's it. No more soaps in the afternoon. No more fast food. No more rolling my eyes when Gus brings me his robot book for the 20th time in a row. I'll knit with books on tape. We'll use up my scrap fabric and make a blanket. We'll only shop at 2nd hand stores.

Right after I watch the finale of Top Model.
Right after McDonald's ends its Monopoly game.
Right after I have to feed and liquefy our friends for Halloween...
Right after...

p.s. Did you see that Sesame Street is releasing a DVD with its top skits from the first 5 years? Sesame Street Old School this Tuesday!

one more p.s. Gus has eaten dinner the last 2 nights. Chiptole and chili. Thank me stars.