Monday, October 16, 2006

Mr. Brightside

Every weekend is the same in our house. I vow that I will do nothing but knit on one day out of every weekend: damn the housework, the grading, the care of family members. I am going to knit!

This weekend, I came close. The Flyer and I made the most of Saturday, returning items in the Valley, getting a Pumpkin Spice Latte (note to self: don’t buy one again), and grocery shopping at Wegmans. I am ashamed to admit that I even broke cardinal rule number 1: no buying anything related to Christmas before Halloween. Lola, I had to do it . . . I just had to. I bought the loveliest hot pink pre-lit little tree ever! In addition to the tree (it truly is the cupcakiest tree ever), I picked up John Legend’s Christmas album (gots to represent the hometown).

Doctor's Bag Front and Lining

Oh, what about the knitting, you say? I actually spent most of Sunday knitting. I finished the front of the Doctor’s Bag from Knit 2 Together only to find out that I made a tiny little error. Apparently, I put it down before I came to the end of the repeat and the last three inches are a bit off. I notice and you may notice it upon close inspection, but I could not bear to rip out three inches of a herringbone slipstitch pattern. I am picky but not that picky. Don’t you just love the lining? I told you that I settled on a pack of hand towels from the Martha Stewart Living line at K-Mart, but I just adore the pattern now.

Scarf from Wrap and Scarf set in Alter Knits

The Doctor’s Bag was beginning to bore me. I couldn’t see beginning another new project, but I remembered that I wanted to wear the scarf with the wrap from Alter Knits. I am so happy that this pattern is easy to memorize, otherwise I would be out of luck. Even though it is an easy pattern, I have to constantly remind myself that I need 78 inches . . . this may become my cheerleading project.

Speaking of the cheerleading project, the miter square blanket is coming along nicely. At this rate, I only need about 60 more games before it is finished. I like that it is so damn easy to complete; I just don’t like the fact that the yarn gets twisted in my bag. Any suggestions?

Thank you for the birthday post! Turning 37 was actually very liberating because I am now past the age Mom was when she had the Bro. I’ll take the ear infection over the mewling infant . . . but I really want the ear infection to go away.

PS - I vote that we institute a little DeGrassi: The Next Generation at Two Black Sheep. Every title should be the title of a song . . . today's was chosen at random but fairly spot-on.

PPS - Back to the junior high thing. I am thinking about telling Mom about the blog. Any suggestions about it?