Thursday, September 21, 2006

1/2 Empty Kind of Day

When I started knitting again, I stumbled on Craftster. I credit it with turning a hobby into an addiction. People were so nice! I'd make a garter stitch scarf and they'd react like it was a Monet. When I sank deeper into the addiction, I discovered Knit Blogs. For the most part, peoples' posts revolve around beautiful projects, sweet kids, and the other niceties of their lives. Bloggers are just nice people (except towards acrylic yarns). Ava, you know me. I'm perfectly fine with saying sometime shit stinks. Hell, I thought DH stood for "Damn Husband". Today is one of those days, and for no good reason. So here's the start of a Top 10 (I'm not that much of a downer to do 100) List of Things that Piss me off. In no particular order:

* When non-breast-feeders (I don't hate them. Really.), tell me "with all the advancement with formula the only difference between it & breast-milk is the price".
* Shopping for jeans or bras. For jeans, the squat test is never pretty. For bras, Mom ruined that one. Every time I try them on, I'm reminded of our dressing room adventure where you had to help her adjust the girls. That should send most into therapy, I'm just used to it.
* When your cable modem is slower than dial-up.
* When you tell someone your kid's name and they respond, "Oh cute. My terrier's name is Gus."
* Political ads. Candidate A hates dogs and children. Candidate B wants to kill cats and hates the elderly. Hmm? Who to vote for?
* You ask for a Dirty Martini and it's hardly dirty. More like someone just forget to wipe up crumbs. I want it filthy! Like Johnny Knoxville dirrty.

Like I said, it's one of those days. Suppose to turn right, instead you've turned left and there's a huge traffic jam that you can't get out of. Yep.

One bright moment, I only have 2 more miters left. I also got my package of Noro in the mail.
*I should add to the list, "When people start a super cool KAL and you have no time to start a new project."*