Friday, September 08, 2006

Quick Update

It's the weekend, so I know that I won't talk to you for a couple days. I'm loving the new book! I've also realized that the yarn I was using for Rowan's Betty was being wasted. I've made it through 1.5 repeats on the Pimlico Shrug's lace pattern. This thing is going to be so soft! The merino on Betty was turning out stiff with all the K2tog, P2tog, M2 in each stitch. Who wants to destroy perfectly good softness for that nonsense? Not saying that the Pimlico Shrug will be a T.V. friendly knit, but I'll enjoy it more than Betty (not your Betty, of course).

So WIP's:
2.5 blocks left on the damn afghan
Pimlico Shrug
Purse sock (I don't think I should even have to count that one).
Not bad. I feel good with only 2 real projects. And should one really count an enormous afghan? I do need a hat. Winter's a coming.

p.s. Big game tomorrow night! Different team, what's up with Big Ben sitting out? Isn't he bad enough to play with a little tummy problem? Oh & I want the beard back.