Saturday, September 23, 2006

Guess Who?

I present to you a little game for the weekend. Guess who has finished knitting and seaming her miter squares? Come on, guess?

Answer: Me.

No picture, because my camera has decided to pull a very mean stunt on this momentous day. New batteries, still won't turn on.
Now I've got to decide, knit sew or machine sew the squares together. If I'm going to finish this in time for a 2006 winter use, I'd better load up the car and visit our mother. But Steak Knife said that'd be cheating. I almost shoved him in the empty XXL Zip Lock bag. What do you think? Is that kind of cheating worth it? Kind of like if Jason Lee showed up on the door step and said, "Lola I've always wanted you." I'll post as soon as my camera decides to work.