Monday, September 11, 2006

Real Quick

Today's been crazy. I had a conference call at 11 a.m. and a few calls in the morning, but work wasn't the issue. For some reason, I felt the need to scrub the entire house down. In-laws are coming, but not until the weekend. I should know better. I think the fridge already has grubby prints and the carpet is full of crushed Cheerios. I think it was either clean or watch T.V. And TV was not an option this morning.

So here's some pictures from Knit 2 Together. I completely agree with you, I hate when you can't find images online. I want previews! So many knit books look alike and I get caught up in the surprise at the store. I've bought way to many books with that Christmas-morning mentality. Here are some that I sort of like...

(bag without the orange thingys, duh?)

And the new Knitty's up! Love Sherwood (this will be Gus' next sweater), Avast(will never make it, but it's in the Steak Knife m/b folder) and Cactus Flower. Oh, and of course I LOVE Lizard Ridge with the different skeins of Noro. I think that one will consume me.
Very quick post, but I wanted to get those pictures to you. Sleep on them.