Monday, September 04, 2006

Ergo, The Bunnies Are Sad

The Frequent Flyer likes to recall a time when Betty and Veronica were little, say four-ish and still in car seats. We had an old Honda hatchback car then so getting two little girls into the car in the first place was one of skill and patience. Lots of, "Hold Daddy's shirt while I get your sister in the car," and "No, you can't bring that fuzzy caterpillar in the car." Anyway, the story goes like this: for some reason, I wasn't there which in and of itself should be a sign that things might be a little silly. The Frequent Flyer was taking the girls to the mall and "The Sweetest Thing" by U2 came on the radio. Since the old Honda didn't have air but a kick ass stereo (read - so damn hot in the summer when the windows were rolled down that you couldn't hear the kick ass stereo), the song was playing oh-so softly. As the story goes, Betty sings the oh-oh-oh part while Veronica chimes in on the sweetest thing part . . . and a family urban legend begins.

The girls are great for those little nuggets of humor and navel-gazing while in the car. Yesterday was no exception. We were listening to Veronica's new favorite song by Cartel and somehow we got onto the topic of Death Cab For Cutie's latest video. Veronica is describing it to Betty and me and she comments that there are sad bunnies in the video. Here is what transpired:

Betty: How do you figure they are sad? They are just rabbits.
Me: Yeah, I thought it was the one with the dude in the hole which winds up being his kitchen.
Veronica: Okay, there are two bunnies in the video and the lyrics are so depressing. Ergo, the bunnies are sad.
Betty: (pausing to take it all in) Excuse me, did you just say "ergo" in that sentence?
Veronica: Yeah, I used it correctly. Who cares?
Betty: Because nobody uses "ergo" any more. It's a word the same way "gams" or "ampersand" are words.
Me: Yeah, but was he in a hole?

People should use "ergo" more. It is being bandied about in the Ava house and is written on the white board with a big "Do NOT erase" bubble around it. At home, I get to speak like I am college educated; at work, I have trouble spelling the easiest words. I have a theory that the more bad spelling you are exposed to (keep in mind I teach 7th grade English so I see a lot), the worse off you are spelling-wise. I might just start using it with my students to see what happens.

Embossed Leaves Sock

Sad bunnies aside, there was a flurry of activity on the embossed leaves socks. I haven't picked this sock up since April and was oh-so close to ripping it all out because I feared I wouldn't be able to figure out where I left off. And then I saw it: a note. A note which appeared to tell me where I left off, a note which could save my fingers the heel turn, a note to energize my knitting. The note said simply, "Four rounds 4.17." I took that to mean that I had completed the fourth set of repeats in the pattern so I began with round one. Simple enough. Nope, the note meant I had completed the third round in the repeat and needed to begin the fourth round of the repeat. I didn't figure this out until I finished the first half of the round. Tinking this pattern is a pain, but I did it anyway since the leaves would look all wonky otherwise. That being said, I am down to a set of repeats before I begin the toe decreases.

I am not too sure about the magic loop method, Lola. So unsure that I went out and bought three sets of double pointed needles (Betty has another set and I can't locate a third). I just don't like the way that the cables stretch the edge of the knitting. I'll finish this set with the magic loop, but I think I might use DPNs to do the next pair of socks.


PS - The Frequent Flyer and I went to see Crank with the uber-dreamy Jason Statham and I don't think that I could recommend it to anyone other than Steve since I know how much he loved The Transporter. Oh, don't get me wrong - plenty of lovely shots of Mr. Statham's chest and bare buns, but honestly, I was glad it was the matinee price.