Friday, September 15, 2006

What's a Girl to Do?

I'm having a dilemma whether I should pick up the new Justin Timberlake album. I held it for a couple seconds and then put it down just as fast. Why? We loved the first one! It still finds its way to the CD player. When I first heard "Sexy Back", I pissed. Where's the soul, J.T.? I know that this album you say is heavily influenced by Prince, but which Prince era? Cause I don't like new Prince. "Sexy Back" has grown on me, but I'm not buying an album hoping for that same reaction. What ever you do, don't sing "SexyBack" to a toddler and then say, "So you gonna bring SexyBack, Gus?" The folks at Trader Joe's are not as liberal as they'd like you to think. Give me a review if you pick it up.

2 more squares done, which means 2 more left. I'm going to have to bribe myself just to look at the Paton's Classic. I can hear you asking, "What else is in that picture?" I picked up 2 skeins of Noro and thought I'd see what a Lizard Ridge block would look like. The orange one has been blocked. I love the look of the unblocked ones, but I doubt they'd make a nice blanket. It's a fun pattern & I've fallen in love with Noro. I never thought I'd say good things about short rows. Apparently they have the same qualities as "Sexy Back". Don't think I've gone afghan crazy, I'll pick up a skein here and there. No more Blanket-Must-Get-Done gusto from me. I've learned my lesson. I also included some of the baptism books I picked up today (those are my 2 favorites). I had to cut the list at "There's a Monster at the End of this Book." I'll save that one for her birthday.

p.s. I've got to admit that "Damn Girl" is pretty good. I did some previewing of FutureSex/Love Songs.