Sunday, September 17, 2006

The Best Laid Plans

Yesterday, it would appear, didn’t go according to plan. I tried to explain the phrase “The best laid plans of mice and men” to my students last week, but it went over about as well as your Of Mice and Men comment a few weeks ago, Lola. I’m not into all that pithy “when life gives you lemons” shit. When life gives me lemons, I ask for the bottle of vodka to make lemon drops.

Universal Sock and Embossed Leaves Sock

Betty and Veronica decided against going into Brooklyn to see Stephanie. The last time she was in our area was on Gus’s first birthday. So were these folks, and I have yet to live it down. After plotting it on Mapquest and having the computer spit back some bizarre one hour and thirty-six minute driving quote (has it ever taken us 90 minutes to make it into the City from my house? Seriously?) I came to the decision that it would indeed be a fool’s errand. Sure, I moped, I gnawed, I harrumphed . . . but in the end, I acquiesced. The Frequent Flyer was very, very willing to make the trek and sit “enraptured” with me (as I do in the different comic book shops he frequents*), but I decided to head south and do some shopping. While I could focus on all the misses and sour notes, here is what went right yesterday.

- I bought several bras that fit mostly right. The cup size is still a little small, but it doesn’t appear to be verging on porn star status like the current crop.

- The cutest t-shirt with faux tattoos is on my back. If ever I were to get one, it would be a much smaller version of this t-shirt or the uber-cool knitting one.You can see the t-shirt under the doctor's bag WIP.

- I gave into the urge and bought the Tracey Ullman book. Not bad . . . you didn’t tell me about the leg warmers! They are too darn cute for words. I even went to A. C. Moore and bought the yarn for the doctor’s bag and cast on (I’m cheap . . . I bought Lion Brand Wool-Ease).

Doctor's Bag cast on

- I finished the Universal Sock from Knitty. And I learned a thing or two. First, my bind-off in pattern is spot-on for tightness. Second, the spot-on bind-off won’t fit over my heal. Third, I can un-bind-off and complete the yarn-over bind-off which will fit. Fourth, I probably will never make another toe up because of this. (I am modeling the Universal Sock and Veronica is modeling the Embossed Leaves Sock above)

- Found several great CDs at the Jukebox for mere dollars. Under the Covers Vol. 1 and Buena Vista Social Club are awesome . . . well worth the $7 (so was FutureSex/LoveSounds for just $2.98 more)

All in all, it wasn’t as bad as it could have been if I would have allowed my attitude to get in the way. The next time the Harlot is heading anywhere in a 100 mile radius, though, I will be there.

*When picking up the last case of DC Direct figures (yes, case), the guy behind the counter says, “Oh, we know just to get an extra for you.” I responded, “Please, don’t encourage this habit.” The Frequent Flyer says it’s a hobby (so would Steak Knife, I know). I counter that it is a habit; a minute later another comic book employee says, “You are right . . . this is a habit.” Off to get another fix, ummm round, of short rows in.