Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Call Off the Dogs

No need to search for my Trekking XXL #100! I found it stashed in the Halloween ice bucket. Don't ask because I have no idea. But it was kind of near my main stash. So it's coming with me to the woods. I have a feeling there shall be lots of knitting this trip. The game doesn't start until 3:30 and it's suppose to rain most of the time. In the old days, I would have drank right up to kick-off and right through us winning the game. My liver can't take that kind of behavior.

I forgot to tell you about my TSA story. Ever since 9/11, I'm always being pulled away from all the other weary travelers. There have been a couple times that I should have been taken to dinner by a female TSA'er. Or just given a $50. One time, I swear she could've warned me that my underwire was about to pop out. That's how close I've been "checked". And really nothing beats the Bomb Squad-Flying Dirty Thong incident (If anyone wants that story, email me & I'll post). This time, I made it through main security with no problems. I was shocked because I brought along my Addis. I go to board the plane and this sweet little boy asks if he can search my stuff. "Why not." He opens my carry-on and says pretty loud, "Oh my!" Oh shit, maybe Steak Knife threw in some toys as a joke. "Um, is there a problem?" Remember I've had no coffee because of the no liquid laws. "No, I've just never seen so much knitting stuff. How much yarn you got there? Did you squeeze any into your purse?"

You know it sugar.