Sunday, August 27, 2006

Apocalypse Tomorrow

I'm not planning on the worst, honestly, I am not. But every time the summer comes to the proverbial end (meaning school begins and I go back to work), I can't help but think of the Doors song This Is the End, which in turn conjures up images of Apocalypse Now. Yup, my mind works in seriously weird and twisted ways. Last year was very trying and I am hoping for the best with this coming group of students. New year, new curriculum, new textbooks, new outlook on leaving work at work and concentrating on knitting at home.

Pack 'em up! Move 'em out!

That being said, absolutely zero knittin' was done this weekend thanks to the Steelers. I bought the Frequent Flyer tickets for the Steelers preseason game against the Eagles as an anniversary present. Yes, I realize that in football etiquette, I probably should have reversed the teams, but seriously, I was there for the Steelers and their quarterback (go 'Hawks). The seats were amazing (second row on the 45, right behind the visitors bench), but the game was light-hearted at best. When Hines Ward, oh he of the most lovely smile in the NFL, walked onto the field to shout something at the opposing quarterback, Donovan McNab, and they both were laughing, you knew this wasn't going to count for much. That being said, we had an awesome time at the game, even if Roethlisberger was only in for two series.

Little fan

Before the game, the Frequent Flyer and I walked around downtown Philadelphia to take in the sights, do some shopping, and eat at Ted Turner's Montana Grill. The food was okay (the waiter reminded me of the Bro, Lola), but I found this little gem in Borders on Broad Street. My first comment to the Frequent Flyer was, "If we were still having babies, this would be dog eared by now." I walked around with it for twenty minutes trying to figure out if I should get it. There are so many cute hats in there for Gus and I am desperate to make the olive hat for Beaner. Some of the patterns look like they might fit Beaner's brother, but I don't know if the Other Sister will put them on the kids. Knitty Gritty made a darling felted bunny that I was thinking about making Beaner for Christmas, but the same nagging question still gets me: will the Other Sister think it is okay or say, "Oh, that's cute." Decisions, decisions.

Well, Lola, sorry the summer has come to an end. Yes, I know you hate my job. I promise to be better about knitting this school year. I think that may mean lots of socks, but Pin-up is high on my list of sweaters to make. Countdown is on to college football . . . make the most of it and tailgate every night in anticipation!