Friday, August 04, 2006

Sizzle, Fo-shizzle

Today, dear Lola, marks the unofficial end of summer as I am heading into work to drop off supplies that I bought over the summer. Betty and Veronica are going with me as I promised to let them drive in the parking lot. Honestly, would I be a bad mom if I brought along a Mike's Hard Lemonade to ease me into it. Probably, but it was worth entertaining the thought. The coffee has nearly hit the bloodstream and already Good Morning America is discussing why men fall asleep after having sex. Really? This is the kind of ground breaking journalism I miss when I am at work ten months out of the year? Sounds like lunch conversations with my team.

Sizzle, I am convinced, will be the bane of my existence. The increases on the front are about the only interesting part of it right now, just row after row of stockinette. It is beginning to remind me of Clapotis at the halfway point, just waiting for the row on which you drop the stitch. At least last night I was somewhat buoyed by "V for Vendetta" and the burning desire to watch the "Big Brother" episode that I have taped (don't you dare tell me who went home - please let it be Diane). Anyway, back to Sizzle. I really hope that Sizzle + Fit does not equal Fizzle as witnessed by the addition of the 3.5 inches I added to get the proper length. I toyed with short row shaping over the boobs (you know I gots 'em) but erred on the side of sanity and said, "The hell with it . . . that's what camis are for!"
Sizzle Front Sizzle Back

I am going to knit on this all weekend. The laundry is done, I really don't cook during the summer (who am I kidding? I really don't cook!), the ironing will wait, and I want this done. The Frequent Flyer won't mind the knitting because I want to wear it to an "anniversary" dinner as I didn't have it finished for our anniversary (thanks for 15 splendid years, sweetie!) yesterday and we wound up taking Betty and Veronica out for sushi instead.

Enjoy the lower temperatures! The weather dude just flashed up temps for the next seven days, all of which were in the 80s. I never thought I would be so happy to see temperatures in the 80s, but now it looks like an Arctic Chill. Hopefully, Mexico won't be that hot . . . but as long as I have a chilled cerveza in hand, I am down for anything. Ole!