Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Here's what my Least favorite City Brought me...

There's a city in Lola-land, that I hate more than any other city. I believe that Ava likes it because it's close to her college, but that doesn't sway me. I travel the state for my job, so I've seen them all. Big, small, clean and shitty. This one's big and clean, but I hate going there more than the small filthy ones. People are mean and the traffic always sucks. But to my surprise, the city did me right.

I found Amy Butler's In Stitches and two more Dinosaur books. First, the dino books. Gus is still to young to love the fact that Dino's have their own series. But I can appreciate a good book. Nice lessons and great illustrations! Steak Knife found out last night if you ask Gus to bring you a book, he will! Child milestones are always celebrated here in the Lola house. First time he laughed at his Momma. First time he made a burping sound. Steps, duh! But the first time, on his own, that he brought me a book and sat in my lap, almost made me cry. Steak Knife and I are big readers (me not so much since knitting has become my crack). Granted it's graphic novels and pattern/technique books, but we know the importance of starting young. Anyway, I was thrilled to find these two books in my loathsome city.

The Butler book is everything that's great about Amy Butler. Beautiful patterns, stunning pictures and fabric that you would almost pay $40 a yard! Not sure if I have the patience to do one of her quilts, but I will make these patterns.

Now, find me the time. Oh, and clean my sewing area!

The sock in the first picture is my pink/green Trekking that I was working on while you were visiting. I'm trying to finish this thing by Thursday night. The Lola house sans Gus is packing up and headed to the woods. I need something that I can work on in the dark and probably while a little tipsy. I'd like to start a plain toe-up pair. This one has ribbing. Fine. But after a few cans of cheap beer, it will have disaster written into the K3, P3 rounds. With Gus home sick today, so I doubt I can crank this one out. I only have 4 inches left, but that's not easy with a sick toddler.

Have fun with the kiddies. I need to make coffee. I've been tempting fate. It's 8:30 and Gus is still sleeping. Why didn't I make the coffee first!? Babies do take you brain cells.

Oh did you see who made it all the way to #3 on Forbes 100 Drunkest Cites? Just guess.

5 more days till kick-off. Ooh, I'm getting sweaty.