Thursday, August 17, 2006

Why Reality TV Sucks...

I can't believe it! I just watched my Tivo'd episode of Project runway (while seaming a miter block... 3.5 more to go). Why would they get rid of Alison? Why? I'm convinced that they keep constants on because of the drama they bring to the show. I know, a real shock of a revelation that I'm blogging. Vincent's dress looked like something I would have created in 2nd grade. And you're aware of my moderate amount of artistic talent. I'm so disappointed with this season. Heidi better tell Jeffery to step up his ego and have Laura turn on her Ice Princess charm. Good thing I have Big Brother All-Stars! Man, I should bash my head on the computer desk for that line.

I will post some pictures of a finished Demi tomorrow. She looks good. Very fitted. Very toasty. The one problem I have with it doesn't really concern the sweater itself. More so with the photographers of Vintage Knits. There is no way possible that the picture in the book is accurate. I'm going to always have to wear a brown shirt underneath it. If I wear any other color you'll get that nasty peek of the undershirt through the stitches. Hate that more than someone else's toothbrush.