Thursday, August 24, 2006

Should I feel Guilty Because I don't Feel Guilt?

Just a quick post to say I'm home. The work "retreat" was a nice departure from work meetings. This was a reward for a job-well-done. They threw in a massage which was really nice. Eventually I forget that this poor woman had to rub my mosquito ravaged legs. Well, until she said, "This boo-boo doesn't hurt?" Good thing work tipped her well.

But I kept getting the same response from almost every woman I met.

Crazy Lady 1: "So you have a little one at home?"
Me (drinking a somewhat Dirty Martini): "Yes, a 16 month-old."
Crazy Lady 1: "How you doing? You must be missing him like crazy."
Me (sip): "I'm fine. I really enjoy getting away every now and then. I think it's good for the family."
Crazy Lady (a little shocked): "So it's fun with a touch of guilt." giggle giggle
Me (big sip): "Fun without any guilt. I didn't leave our dog in charge of Gus! His dad is pretty good at the Dad thing."
Crazy Lady (amused by me): "How great of you. I'm sure you'll be ready to get home to him tomorrow."
Me (chewing the olive): "Sure."

Seriously, I felt guilty because I didn't feel guilty about leaving Gus. But that last until I got to the next olive...

I'll post some knitting content later. Had a funny run in with the TSA. You know, me & the TSA go way back. This time they didn't call in the dogs. Thank God since I hadn't had any coffee. We have a fabulous coffee vendor before the security checkpoint. No way to get that finished before I had to apologize for my sticky feet.