Thursday, August 03, 2006

Finally, the Rain!

Yep, it's pouring. Our big cold front is making its way. A chilly 80 degrees tomorrow...

So the other night I decided to start a project that would allow me to focus on Big Brother All-Stars and Rescue Me (I'll hold my comments on BB and Project Runway until tomorrow). Why not start a pair of Knucks? "Pair" should have told me that I'd have to knit another one and I can't seem to muster the strength to do so. Just because it doesn't have a heel flap shouldn't eliminate it from the Second Syndrome category. Here's an artsy blog shot of the beautiful yarn texture:
Artsy shot of the Knuck
And here's an preview of what the Knuck will be doing a lot of this fall:

Knuck in action

I guess as long as I complete the next one before football season starts, all will be right in the Lola household. And if Gus learns to say something other than, "ball". Mom thought that it would be nice if I could teach him the sign for, "Please" and have him put it after his "more" sign. As long as he isn't grunting/screaming at me, I could care less if he's a polite signer.

On a technical note, I think I need a new camera.

On baby news, we have a scheduled C-section date for one baby. And one family who isn't going to buy a changing table because, "No one uses them. All my friends changed their kids on the floor." You guess who belongs to each tidbit.