Sunday, August 20, 2006

Leaving the Nest


Reminder I'm on a work "retreat" for the next 2 days! And thank God because Gus was not happy from the moment he woke up. I don't know maybe he knew... I doubt it, he's only 16 months. But man, he was pissy all day long. I kept saying, "You're making this really hard to miss you." Ok seriously, I'll remember those words if my plane goes down in flames.

I was going to leave an entire post about parenting (the visit home is still bothering me). Not that it was so bad or crazy that it's going to shake me. Oh no! But really, why do women have to compete against other women on the parenting racket? Do men try to edge out other men in their parental skills? I doubt it. I've known about the "women vs. women" thing for years (duh, I'm a chick). But when it comes to parent/labor skills, why are we still trying to say whose better? I mean, really? We could do as good as anyone could with Gus and in 19 years one pretty young thing would ruin us. She'd blow one meth induced kiss and we're fucked (I've seen A&E's Intervention)! So I'll skip my parenting rant. I'll get over it. Promise.

P.S. All the flights for Yarn Harlot are close to $500. Find us cheaper and we're there. You can call the cell. Remember, I'll be drunk or massaged. True. I love work "retreats".

P.P.S (anyone still do that over the age of 11?). I bought this pattern from ebay. I've been waiting for their vacation to end for a long time. I'm still on my "Everyone-I-Love-Needs-an-Afghan" kick. Can't decide if Will or Janelle from Big Brother All Stars will get one (kidding, but I do LOVE that show).

Your little Lola