Thursday, August 17, 2006

You Look Hotter Online

After drifting aimlessly at sea for several days, I returned to land and reality. Okay, so I am sure that the captain wasn't drifting aimlessly, but I was. So much sun that even I couldn't get away from it . . . and if you know me, you know that I should. The company was awesome, the drinks were plentiful, and the books were being read. Snorkling was an absolute pleasure after the initial 90 second panic attack. I think that it is something about the sound, which is very similar to Darth Vadar, and being in water way over my head. After the shock passes, I am good to go. Lola, dear, you seriously need to clear your schedule for next year. You could have avoided all the unpleasentness of home if you came this year.

Sizzle made it on to the ship but never to dinner. I think it was something about the short length of the torso that really did me in and I didn't want to tug at it constantly at dinner. I'll try to add about three more inches of seed stitch to bottom but probably not before work begins again in ernest.

Sizzle on the seas

I decided to try and knit something simple on the cruise, so I cast on the Mason Dixon chevron linen hand towel in the hotel before we boarded the ship. Surprise, surprise - our hotel got Bravo so I was awake for a few brief moments of the American Icon episode, only to see Robert in the bottom two. Oh, Robert, please don't give me another heart attack. Luckily he did much better last night, but the lovely Allison went home. I still don't understand the whole "Go stick some more Harry Winston's up your nose" comment from Victor to Laura; honestly, several carats of diamonds might hurt when shoved up one's nose.

The good part of the cruise was coming home. I was really looking forward to watching all the DVR'd stuff, including an updated version of MacBeth on BBC America as well as all those Knitty Gritty's that I recorded. Nope, something happened with the DVR and it rebooted, loosing all the stored data. Pissed? You betcha! Figured out why? Not a clue.

Enjoy the rest of the summer . . . I am already back to work (at least part of the day). August 28th is coming way too fast!