Monday, August 07, 2006

Use a Little Common Sense, Folks

UGH! It's early, and the coffee has not as of yet even entered my body and yet there is a piece on GMA that is really frustrating me. It has to do with shopping cart safety. Here is my version of shopping cart safety: don't put anything into the cart that I will be upset about once I realize that I have been hoodwinked into buying it. Lola and I were old pros at this so Betty and Veronica don't really stand a chance. Heck, we even would go grocery shopping for Mom but would first stop at the deli counter and get a large container of deep fried mushrooms to keep our energy up. Yes, we always paid for them; yes, Mom eventually found out; no, we don't do it anymore . . . but I digress. The segment on GMA is all about properly buckling your child or toddler into the cart and making sure that siblings aren't standing on the back of the cart. Seriously, I am not making this up. Do they honestly think that folks are going to have some sort of epiphany, sitting in the Lazy-Boy, drinking their cup-o-joe, and slap their foreheads saying, "Shit! Little Sven has been in danger for two years now. I now know what those seat belts are for!" I get the same reaction when I see those shopping cart seat cozies. Trust me, I am all for keep the germ level down, but those things don't do a hill of beans in the big picture.

All this ranting and raving can only mean one thing: the Kitchener stitch got me. I will admit, that stitch does something to me each and every time I have to execute it. I was knitting like a demon last night, like a woman on fire. There was an end in sight, my friends, and I wasn't going to be without seaming those shoulders. After watching two movies (The Weatherman - not as funny as the trailer makes it out to be; Syriana - compelling and scary at the same time), two Knitty Grittys, Big Brother (James really needs to go topless more often), and Inspector Lewis I was ready to seam the shoulders. The only thing playing was an episode of Degrassi:The Next Generation so I thought I was safe. It was Craig's first episode, the one where his father beats the crap out of him and he goes to live with Joey and Angela but way before he is diagnosed being bi-polar . . . but I have never seen the end of this episode. So, I was all set to tackle the Kitchener stitch, but Degrassi got in the way. Suffice it to say, the initial edge of the left seam looks a bit wonky, but it all came together in the end. I still have to seam up the sides, pick up the neck stitches, and pick up the stitches on the armholes. Seeing as how I leave for the trip in two days, I have a lot of work to do. Somehow I think it will come together nicely in the end . . . maybe after I drink that Mike's.
Sizzle, Socks, and Hat
As a note, the sock in progress on Sizzle is Betty's, knit out of Trekking XXL and the turquoise yarn and WIP is Veronica's hat. She couldn't find any patterns for hats that she liked so she is using a scarf pattern out of One Skein and adapting that.

Hey, Lola, is it wrong that I am looking forward to Project Runway a little too much this season? I think it all has to do with Robert. I might "love" him more than Nick and Daniel V put together and I didn't think that doing that would be possible. Why is Robert Best (little pun . . . it's his last name, too)? Let's see . . . the man designed for Barbie for one thing. He even designed the Breakfast at Tiffany's Barbie that I bought you for an engagement present. Plus, he sure knows how to rock those sunglasses when his model struts her stuff on the catwalk. And, the man looks wonderful with the microphone taped under his skinny white t-shirt. Besides, a man who worked with Isaac has my vote any day. Robert, darling, if you make it to the final three and you need any custom knit sweaters, I am your girl. Those models can't wear sweaters that take a whole lot of yarn. Call me . . we'll chat! Purely as an aside, while I am on my PR string, you can now buy Project Runway t-shirts with Angela's winning sketch at Macy's. The only problem, you have to walk around with Angela's signature on your left boob so that might not be the best. And, you can take backstage tours of the runway areas if you are in New York. Wanna go?

Off to work for an hour or so and then home to seam and knit. Luckily, the girls have a birthday party to attend and I am sure that I can "convince" the Frequent Flyer to do take-out tonight.


PS - Happy Birthday (one day late) to one of the world's most excellent dad! Our dad is the kind of man who worked his ass off, taking multiple shifts of overtime so that our mom could stay at home with us. When he was working second shift, he would go in about ten minutes early so that he could stop off and chat with me as I walked home from school. Dad is prone to watching a movie to the last ten minutes and then saying, "Piss on it, I'm going to bed," except if it is starring Reese Witherspoon or a chick flick. He is the type of dad who fed us Cheerios for dinner when Mom was out of town, but now cooks better than most people have a right to. And he is the kind of dad who always says, "I love you," when ending a conversation. So, happy birthday, old man!